How much does it cost to buy everything for a guinea pig?

Planning to add a new family member this year? If you want to buy guinea pigs, it will be great to have an idea of the monthly expenditures and what exactly you need to keep your new pet happy and healthy.

They are most certainly less expensive to purchase when compared to other pets but you need to have a specific budget when it comes to managing the start-up costs and monthly upkeeps.

In this blog, you’ll learn about the various costs involved in bringing home your new pet friend along with the costs for necessary items.

1. Cost for bringing home your pet

If you’re thinking of adopting a guinea pig, a shelter might be a great option for you. Shelters usually carry out pet health checks, this will help you determine whether the guinea pig is suitable for you or not. The adoption fee ranges somewhere between $20 to $40. This also includes the cost of veterinary care and mediation.

If you want to buy guinea pigs from a breeder, it’ll cost you between $25 to $50. Here you can take some time to research different guinea pig varieties.

2. Cost for guinea pig housing

Now you have a guinea pig but where will you keep your pet friend? You need a new home for your pet. You can invest in an outdoor enclosure where your pet can move around and enjoy the fresh air. Guinea pig cages come in both lower and higher price ranges starting from $25 to $300. Make sure the cage is at least 7.5 square feet if you have a single guinea pig while for keeping two guinea pigs, the cage should be at least 10.5 square feet.

3. Cost for feeding equipment

When you buy guinea pigs, you also need to invest in quality useful accessories and things such as a water bottle and food bowl. Make sure your pet is getting enough water and food by keeping up with such supplies. Our pet experts suggest using an 8 oz. bottle and a large ceramic or metal food bowl. Choose a bowl that does not tip over easily. You can also choose a hanging feeder to prevent food spilling. The water bottle and bowl will cost you around $10.

4. Cost for bedding

Ready to buy guinea pigs? Have you thought about the bedding? There are plenty of bedding options available in the market. You can choose from fleece bedding to wood pellets or wood shavings for your pet. The cost for bedding depends on the type of selected shavings and their size. It’ll cost you approximately between $7 to $50.

5. Cost for health treatments 

You’d be happy to know that your guinea pigs won’t need any vaccinations but sometimes they do need dental treatments and treatments for parasites. The cost for dental treatment can cost you up to $200 per year while other treatments may cost you up to $10-50 depending on the emergency.

6. Cost for feeding 

When you buy guinea pigs, you also need to get regular food supplies including fresh vegetables and fruits. Food items like carrots, lettuce, red peppers and apples will cost you around $36 a month.

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